First, let me explain the title. Faggotting is a type of knitting. It's one of the most basic lace stitches. Although I haven't had much guts about doing lace yet, I really like the way lace looks and would like to get into it soon, so fagotting is something I aspire to and I'd really enjoy doing. It's also kind of amusing.

That said, I want to make one thing clear: Homophobia and transphobia and any other kind of intolerance is not allowed on my blog. If you personally are gay and want to make self-deprecating jokes or trans and want to make self-deprecating jokes (and, just so you know, cis gay people are not allowed to make deprecating jokes about trans people- that's not self-deprecation. It's just deprecation.), then make it clear that you're doing so or else it'll be read as an attack. Beyond that, don't be an offensive jerk.

If that's fine with you, then we can continue. If that's not, you are free to leave.

Why am I making this blog? Because I like knitting and crocheting. And I kind of want to get into spinning at some point. It's basically a blog about my knitting and crocheting exploits and will hopefully encourage me to ACTUALLY finish stuff and maybe be able to get some advice from more knowledgeable people on things that I'm doing wrong, and, who knows, maybe give advice to people who are just starting out.