Sunday, January 9, 2011

Provisional Casting on

I've been spending the winter break with my partner at their mum's. Their mum's been knitting & crocheting for decades, and it's damn sobering to watch her work. I'm not bad, but after watching her I know I'm definitely still an amateur. And not even a talented one.

I picked up a book of knitting patterns that was on sale here and one of the things it has is something called crochet cast-on that I've never heard of and may use from now on. I knit very tightly, so generally my stuff ends up very narrow at the start from the casting on and it seems like this reduces that. Very nice.

I've been working on a circular crocheted blanket for 2 weeks and it's getting kind of tedious, the rows take so freaking long to finish and there's no corners or anything to break them up. Occupational hazard.

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