Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I finished my first self-made project

I finished the first thing that I ever came up with the pattern all by myself with (although it was mostly guesswork rather than careful planning and writing out a proper pattern). It's not terribly impressive and I misguessed a few things, particularly how @#$@#$#@$@ much stockinette rolls... I ended up having to crochet a border on the bottom to get it to hang flat.

It's a sort of mini-vest to keep my chest warm because the cold doesn't agree with its healing after surgery, and winter's a-coming.

It's to go under my shirts, so I didn't worry too terribly about switching to a different color, cheaper yarn to do most of the back instead of wasting (and risking running out of) the softer yarn that I had to use on the front. This is, really, only the second project I've properly finished for myself (the first was a shortened Dr Who scarf. Then I started making them and Jayne Hats to sell online and they kind of interrupted things) and it's also the first one that I've completely made up the pattern for (I did a few gloves/arm warmers that were a modified pattern). I'm pleased with myself.

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